Edit Content
To edit the content of any page, click the edit button above to the right. The 'Editor' bar will appear at the top of the page; it has buttons which will allow you to edit text, add links, add images or photos, and more. When you are finished editing, don't forget to click 'Save' on the Editor.

Create a New Page
Choose 'New Page' in the navigation bar to the left. A window will appear which asks you to give your page a name. Type in the name and click 'Create'.

Create a Link
There are 2 types of links - internal (to another page in the wiki) and external (to a website)
On your page where you would like the link, type the text which will become the link. Highlight the text. Choose the icon in the Editor that looks like a piece of chain. Choose the 'Wiki Link' tab. Click on the page you wish to link. Click 'Add Link'.
To create a link to an external internet site, follow the same process, except that when the Link window opens choose External Link and paste in the URL of the site you wish to link.

Add Photos
Please Note: Be sure to reduce the file size of any photo or image before uploading! You won't need anything larger than 50 KB.
Choose an image and save it to your desktop or to an easily accessed file on your computer. Choose the icon that looks like a picture in the Editor above. Choose 'Upload Files'. Choose 'Browse' and select the picture file you wish to upload. Double click on the image and it will be added to your page at the point where your cursor is located.

Create or Reply to a Discussion Thread
Each page has its own Discussion tab. Once you have logged in to the wiki, you are able to post new Discussion topics or reply to Discussion topics that have already been introduced.
To start a new Discussion topic (thread), choose the page to which you wish to add comment, click on the Discussion tab, fill in Subject, Message, then click Post. If you wish to Monitor the thread, you will be sent an email every time a reply is sent.
To reply to a Discussion thread, click on the title of a Discussion, then create your reply.