Welcome to the Research Component of the iPod Pilot project.
Researchers from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Faculty of Education and Psychology, are pleased to be working with the teachers and students in WRDSB to examine the implementation and impact of learning and teaching with mobile technologies.

Dr. Julie Mueller, Faculty of Education, jmueller@wlu.ca

Dr. Eileen Wood, Psychology, ewood@wlu.ca

Ms Domenica De Pasquale, Psychology, depa7310@mylaurier.ca

Ms Karin Archer, Psychology, arch4790@mylaurier.ca

Ms Seija Molema, Psychology, mole2820@mylaurier.ca

Ms Leslie Stokman, Psychology, stok8910@mylaurier.ca

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News Updates:

April 18, 2011: Visit to Wm G Davis to begin study in Grade 7/8 congregated enrichment class where students have access to iPod on a personal basis--24/7.
March 1, 2011: Lab Meeting

February 28, 2011: Classes have been filling out student surveys on the iPods on a weekly or biweekly basis. The link to the surveys is http://surveymonkey.com/s/ryersonipod

January 28, 2011: iPod project meeting at WRDSB board office with CATC and project participants. iPod Meeting January 28 2011.doc
First Weekly Student Survey First Weekly Survey Summary.doc

January 27, 2011: Visiting Ryerson to conduct first SurveyMonkey iPod use surveys with students in junior classes to examine their response to use of mobile technology for learning. Measuring their degree of enjoyment, the degree of iPod usefulness to their learning, and their perception of the most useful thing they have done with the iPods.

January 18, 2011: Visiting Ryerson music classes on Thursday!

January 17, 2011: Lab Meeting for Tuesday--Agenda

January 14, 2011: Student survey url and notes.

January 13, 2011: Schedule to sign up for Thursday classroom visits is on the white board in the staff room. We will be visiting the music room during period 3 (Cheryl), period 6 (Andrew), period 7 (Eda), period 8 (Amanda) to see the iPods in action for music. Periods 1, 2, 4 and 5 are still open for classes that we aren't visiting for music.

January 13, 2011: Meeting at Ryerson Agenda Try adding this to your Twitter followings: iPad4Education on Twitter

January 12, 2011: We have begun analysis of the initial student surveys and teacher interviews. We are presenting key findings to the staff at Ryerson in a brief meeting on Thursday, January 13 at 8:15 a.m.

November 12, 2010: We have started student surveys at Ryerson and completed initial teacher interviews. Thank you everyone for your support and contributions. We will post a summary of initial results shortly. Stay tuned.

October 19, 2010: This is a link to another wiki about iPod technology in the classroom. Some great ideas and links to videos: http://ipodclassroom.wikispaces.com/

October 6, 2010: Domenica and I visited Ryerson and had a tour of the new facilities. We are printing student consent forms and hope to have them distributed after Thanksgiving. A great big thank you to all teachers and administrators for your help and support already. We look forward to coming to the schools and getting into the meat of the research!
Please find attached a copy of the for students. We have also written 4 possible questions for students around their use of iPods for learning regarding their use and feelings:
  • how much did you use the iPod this week (their perception of what is a little and what is a lot);
  • how much did you enjoy using the iPod this week;
  • how did the iPod affect your learning this week (made it more difficult to made it easier); and,
  • what was the most useful thing you did with the iPod this week.

September 22, 2010: I'm sorry I was unable to attend the meeting on Monday at the Board office. Domenica took minutes and has caught me up on your progress this year. Now that the new school year is well underway, we would love to start coming in to visit and see how you are using the mobile technology, add any assistance that we can from our end, and to begin to document the integration process and learning outcomes of this technology.

I hope to use this wiki as a forum for discussion and as an organizational tool. I intend to contact principals and teachers involved in the project over the next week via email and hope to make personal visits after that according to the response.
For now, thank you to all who have read the information letter and consent forms that Domenica distributed. We appreciate your time and attention. Happy e-learning!