(This project was completed by Kim Stenhouse and the Gr. 7-8 Enrichment Class at Davis. The following notes were borrowed and edited from Mark Carbone's blog post about the project at http://markcarbone.wordpress.com/2010/06/26/ipod-project-sound-track-of-my-life)

iPod Project: Sound Track of my Life

Project Overview: Students were asked to identity 8 important events or experiences in their life. Next, the students were required to find songs that suitably represented each of the identified events. Students then authored a written description explaining the connections between the events and songs. Students also produced artwork for their project. Sample artwork included a CD cover design and a concert flyer for the event sequence. The project culminated with a presentation to the class of one selected event and the artwork.

iPod Integration:
The iPods were used for song and lyric research via the wifi connection in the classroom. Students also had options to use the iPods for project details using the Notes app and creating the artwork.

Teacher Perspective:
The project integrated research and writing skills, creativity through the artwork creation and presentation abilities. The iPod was used in a natural integrated manner as part of the learning process. This project also created a learning situation allowed the teacher to learn a lot about each student in a very individual way.

Student Perspective:
There was a high level of student engagement with this project outside of the traditional school day. Students felt the learning situation was designed to allow personal choices within the learning process. On the iPod side of things, search engines such as Google and Bing worked well on the device. Many students used the iTunes, Tune Wiki and Lyric Wiki in their research.