September 20, 2010 Minutes

In attendance:
William G. Davis - Kim Stenhouse
Queensmount - Taryn Dowsling
Ryerson - Andrew Grant, Kim Gill, Eda Piraino-Crandon
W.T.Townshend - Rose Noonan, Barry Jacobs,
I.T. Services - Ron Millar, Susan Watt, Becky Rouse, Jeff Sanderson
Learning Services - Carol Williams, Erica Gillespie,
WLU - Domenica de Pascuale
Apple - Matt Walkinshaw

Sharing of plans for this year:
Eda - would like to try some new apps, ie. Glogster
Kim - will be picking up one of the new iPods with video - plans to do some collaborative projects with other classes outside our area
Andrew - more project based this year
Barry - has read Learning 2.0 by David Warlick - challenge students to use critical thinking, locate and evaluate sources - across all subject areas become iPod leaders, tie the use of the iPods with the new learning skills, search for media examples for support, more blogging
Taryn - new school, not a full set of iPod + iPads - has tried some of the apps to support learners with special needs
Kim S. - continue to blog, podcast, use wiki, would like to do more research this year, find apps to support this

New Favorite Apps:
- please continue adding these to the wiki - Kim G. suggested again that we should plan time at these meetings to work on the wiki

WLU Update - Domenica

Evaluation of the Program:
- create a 'User Handbook' for teachers new to this technology in their classroom - permission forms, basic operation, sample projects
- how does this tool support and affect student learning - how do we demonstrate this?
- good discussion of the current debate regarding use of mobile technologies in the classroom

PD Suggestions:
- Podcast workshop for the iPod teachers (Barry)
- blogging workshop
- working on the wiki