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This is a brief "how to" document on how the students in my Special Education Junior Area Composite Class created their mini comic-styled movie that is now watched on the iPods. We used 3 iPod apps (Kid Art, Comic Touch, Voice Memos) and 3 software programs (iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie) to pull it together. Each of the steps took about a minute or two! ~ Kim Gill


Here is a simple idea on how to use a fun app such as "Make a Martian" to launch a creative writing task. There are a few options for using the iPods as the writing tool. Apps such as NOTES, DOCS TO GO, and STORY KIT are a few good ones to use for this type of project. Notes has predictive text, word has spelling underlines, and story kit (as you can see in the writing paragraph) does not have either....but it's an AWESOME FREE app where you can make your own stories using pictures saved in the iPod album). ~ Kim Gill ~ Kim Stenhouse's Podcast Wiki

Soundtrack of your Life - Kim Stenhouse's Gr. 7-8

Here are instructions for adding text to audio files, such as lyrics to songs in your playlist, or for using Voice Memos to record oral responses. This could be used to help improve reading fluency and could even be used for recording audio running records. ~ Kim Gill
Click on this link to see a sample of a story created entirely using Story Kit. First they used pictures from their photo album and inserted text. Then they used the paint feature to create and alter images. Students used the synced pictures on my lap top to read their stories as they recorded their voice reading the text. Once completed we used the share feature which uploads it with a link that could be shared with parents or added to your class website. ~ Kim Gill

Making Lists
Using the App "Use Your Handwriting" students can make lists for various purposes. These are examples of a word list students created from a class read aloud story. The instructions were to find new or tricky words they heard and/or saw as the story was read aloud and displayed on the SMARTBoard for all to view.
~ Kim Gill


Talking Tom instructions for the Retell Activity & Puppet Pals - basic introduction video. ~ Kim Gill

Bill Atkinson's PhotoCard - Titanic Passenger Point of View Postcard ~ Kim Gill
created, sent electronically to be printed and mailed (with purchased credits)
Sample of student work:

Students can recount or retell using Sock Puppets (or Puppet Pals).

~ Kim Gill

Motivational Posters (based on the 8 Keys of Excellence)

IMG_0400.JPG Zach's_Integrity_Poster.png

IMG_0034.JPG IMG_0087.JPG
~ Kim Gill


Use the Songify App to turn spoken text into a song. This app takes your phrasing and matches it to the beat and rhythm of the music selected. Here's an example where a student was retelling the characters, setting, and main problem in the story Tuck Everlasting.
~ Kim Gill

Apps and Internet Tools
Notebook presentation from an iPod session that was run with the Ryerson staff. Discusses Apps, Internet Tools, and News sources (more Apps). Any questions, please feel free to let me know if I can help. Andrew Gran t