iPod / iPad Meeting - November 3, 2010

New Hardware!!
- each school received 2 new iPads, covers, camera adapters, VGA adapters

Wireless Networks
- currently in all secondary schools - library, cafeteria, office area
- will be going in all elementary schools - libraries and office areas first

Discussion of culture in our schools regarding use of technology
- watch Jane Mitchinson's video with Danah Boyd (janemitchinson.ca/socialnetworking.htm)
- many social networks being used by our students - concerns raised around use of Facebook; some alternatives are Blogs, Wikis, Ning, Buddypress (Younger version of Wordpress)

- one of the limits of Safara is that you can't see Flash videos - use Cloud Browse as the browser to show Flash (not working through our network??)

- discussion of logistics of synching, carts, etc.

Please Note:
- send iPad serial numbers to Ron in an email

Sharing Session:

Taryn (Gr. 7 Special Needs students)
- did newspaper articles in Pages
- to access student email, must go through browser
- what about drop box??

Kim (Jr. Composite)
- Strip Design (POW), Comic Touch - for creating comic strips
- Simple MInd - mind mapping tool
- Story Kit - make story books from templates plus add your own photos, images; you can also add audio

- use Advanced Search in Safari - to find images that are licensed for reuse

Susan and Andrew (Gr. 6)
- Google Spreadsheets on iPod
- Today's Meet for backchannel

Barry (Gr. 7/8 Core)
- Today in History
- WGC - World Geographic Challenge


Video - Principal / Teacher conversation
Mike Zamin - talked to us about the wireless networks going in to the schools
- the current wireless networks for the ipod project new wireless networks

Carol Williams
Teaching-Learning Critical Pathway (A planning framework for engaging students, enhancing learning)
- see Carol's chart
- Barry shared a 'Wanted Poster' activity as it follows this framework