Good Morning!
In attendance today - Eda, Kim G., Kim S., Barry, Taryn, Dean, Erica, Carol, Susan, Julie, Domenica, Ron

Sharing of How the iPods are being used in our Classes:
- research, art apps, StoryKit, music, translator, blogging using Wordpress, recording interviews, online newspaper access for global issues, media studies, ESL support, narrative writing, Poll Everywhere (online app), world issues research - so much more info available to kids than is available in textbooks, ipods/computers are complimentary devices,

Next Year - what would we like to do next year?
- is there a good app for students to use as a planner? iCal? - Kim S. will have her students do a comparison study
- summer is a good time for thinking, planning, looking at apps
- Taryn is moving to Queensmount; Ron will have a partial class set of iPods for her students there
- Dean is on leave next year; 1 or 2 new teachers from WTT will be joining Barry in this project
- think about how to physically arrange our classrooms to make access to the technology simpler
- use Skype
- have students create their own ebooks and post on iTunes
- iPads? 2 per site - WAHOO!! - classes will compare, contrast the 2 devices

Julie - Research Project:
- is excited to hear that the technology is actually making the teachers rethink their pedagogy
- videotape, interview students and teachers in class using the iPods
- make a transcript of the HOT questions students ask, teachers ask
- gather and compare data from the different settings in this project where iPods are being used
- input from parents?

Demonstration of a sample project to do with your students:
You will need some 'text' to record; I thought some lyrics might be fun...

May 19_Ipod_meetingminutes.doc