March 1 to March 4
1. Organize and label all files on laptop, including video files.
2. Copy video files to DVDs and label.
3. Back up iPod folder to DVD.
4. Send reminder to teachers at Ryerson with survey link.
5. Create survey for occasional use of iPods.
6. Construct email request for teachers for student "tracker"...logging use of ipods/iPads, when, what for, impact.
7. Thursday observations March 3. Running records of individual students and video whole class.
8. Clean data file of weekly surveys.
9. Complete organization file with visits/observations and survey dates.
10. Workshop has only 12 participants. Welcome to attend but no formal presentation.

11. Begin list of questions for teacher survey/interview after March break.
12. Begin thinking about "workshop" for staff at Ryerson on 21st century learning, connections to technology and initial findings from the research.