June 10, 2011 (notes in progress....)

Welcome to our last iPod / iPad meeting of the Project!
In attendance: Ron Millar, Becky Rouse, Mark Carbone, Matt Walkinshaw, Mike Zamin, Jeff Sanderson, Julie Mueller, Domenica de Pascuale, Karen Archer, Erica Fleming-Gillespie, Carol Williams, Kim Gill, Kim Stenhouse, Taryn Dowsling, Caroline Winkel, Barry Jacobs, Maggie Watson, Susan Watt

Julie Mueller - The WLU Research Project
  • start with a little R and R (Research and Relationships)
  • Connections > Communication > Flexibility
  • summary of the work done at the 3 Research sites: CATC, Ryerson, Wm G Davis
  • shared a video of 'The Student Voice' - interviews with students about how they used the devices

Each school was asked to share their thoughts in the following areas:
  1. Strategies for other schools implementing the use of mobile technologies - what every school should know before it starts - charging and synchronization, security, classroom organization and logistics
  2. iPod or iPad??
  3. Students bringing their own mobile technology to school / issue of equity
  4. Favorite Apps (see the Favorite Apps page
  5. Where Mobile Technology Fits in the Curriculum
  6. How the use of Mobile Devices meets Board learning prioriteis and strategies
  7. Ability of current teachers to ccommodate the use of mobile technoligeis in their teaching
  8. How best to share mobile technology resources with teachers

A summary of each school's responses is on this Google Doc.

Barry Jacobs and Maggie Watson, W.T.T. - slideshow
Taryn Dowsling, Queensmount - slideshow - mostly student voice
Kim Gill, Ryerson - Livescribe Pencast

Mike Zamin, Jeff Sanderson
- update on wireless in schools
- by next year, we could be up to 50% wireless coverage in each school
- at this point, we have on average 3000 wireless devices in use, system-wide, in any given moment

Discussion of iPod vs iPad - for some ideas that were shared, scroll to the bottom of this page.