Ron shared his slideshow about hardware purchasing - model numbers, what hardware is supported, etc.; iPods and iPads, along with Lenovo Netbooks are now approved equipment for use in schools. Wireless will be available in office and library of elementary schools as well.

Sharing - how iPods and iPads are being used / technical challenges

Kim - new fav apps and examples on the wiki - Puppet Pals, Talking Tom (using for student instructions), Bill Atkinson's PhotoCard, Photobabble, is interested in iPrompt (Kim - can you help here - I had a slow start today)
Andrew - using them for access to wiki site, Today's Meet for student comments and feedback, Space Apps for Gr. 6 Space Unit
- synching the units continues to be a big problem - teachers are choosing to synch them one at a time; when using the Parasynch device, often there are missing apps, etc. which is frustrating

William G. Davis
Kim - media project on Sensationalism in the Media - kids looked at news apps and selected a Global Issue - compared 4 different news items from different sources - kids are using the devices all the time - they really appreciate having access to the web for research purposes - kids also love the French / English dictionary
- Kim asked about wireless printing? kids would love to print work they do in Pages; it is possible to take a screen shot and attach to an email, then open and print

Barry - using 'Canada in Context' from Virtual Library, Elementary Resources page - contains articles and other excellent resources, linked to curriculum topics - you can choose to have the articles 'read' to you - also using Today's Meet for Literature Circles
- would like an app that allows you to view Flash video - Cloud Browse is one, another is SkyFire
Maggie - she and kids love having wireless access - using them for research all the time, using Today's Meet in many ways - bellwork, - feels that the students are showing increased productivity using the devices

Taryn - using them mostly for differentiating learning for her students - has purchased 3 books that students are able to read - using Google Earth - access research materials - primary and secondary sources - is using students to do some of the management, searching for apps, - students are able to access their Waterworks email

- Lanschool? (wait and see)
- how to manage personal devices in classroom? Jane Mitchinson-Schwartz teaches at W.O. and uses mobile devices in the classroom - her policy is that the students put them out on their desks and use them as necessary in class

Other Boards:
• Heather Jelley - Kindergarten -
• Angie Harrison - Gr. 3/4 -
• Royan Lee - Gr. 7 - - see his classroom blog here >
• Aviva Dunsiger - Gr. 1 - @Grade 1 on Twitter
• Zoe Branigan Pipe - Brock - @zbpipe on Twitter

Wireless Network
• can view KidBlog, but can't post
• can access Wordpress
• can't access TWEA from school
• lots of discussion around policies re: personal devices in schools - we hope that the new RUP (Responsible Use Policy) will be in place by March break - there should be wireless in all elementary schools by March break - it is important that these new policies are available by the time wireless arrives

WLU Research Component
- Julie shared some of the work being done - everything is posted on the wiki under the WLU Research Component; surveying students for measure of use and response in terms of enjoyment and impact on learning; using SurveyMonkey on-line through the iPod/iPad devices at Ryerson

Next Meeting - Mon. May 2, 2011
- we will look at evaluating the program and making the decision about how to go forward
- devices will stay in the classrooms that currently have them
- we may invite students to this meeting