Hardware Management

William G. Davis Senior Public School
The Gr. 7-8 Enrichment Class students have been given the iPods to use for the year. They sync them to a home computer and are expected to bring them to school each day charged and ready for use. They may be charged at school if necessary. The iPods are kept in students' desks.

Ryerson, W.T. Townshend and Queensmount Schools
At these 3 schools, the iPods and iPads are shared among students in different classrooms. They are kept at school and are not taken home by students.

Storing the Devices
  • in each school, the devices are kept in a locked cupboard in the school; they are not left in portables overnight

Synching and Charging
  • Ryerson and W.T. Townshend schools each have 2 ParaSync devices - each holds 20 iPods - the iPods stay at school and the teachers share the responsibility of charging and synching as needed
  • Queensmount has the larger synching cart

Care of the iPods at School
  • when not in use the iPods are stored in the carts
  • when in use, some classes have protective non-slip cases for the iPods, others use non-slip fabric on the students' desks

Cleaning the Screens
  • students are encouraged to keep the screens clean using a small amount of a vinegar/water combo on a cleaning cloth