Presentation for ECOO Conference, November 11, 2010

Kim Gill, Gr. 4,5,6 Junior Composite Class, Ryerson Public School, WRDSB (, Twitter: Gill_Ville)
Susan Watt, Technology Support Teacher, WRDSB (, Twitter: susan_watt)


(Susan Watt)
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Overview of WRDSB iPod Project (Schools, Classes, Hardware, Support Staff, Meetings, Goals, Collaboration)
  • WLU Research Component
  • Tips and Tricks - website link to desktop, moving app locations, screen captures, pinch zooming, etc.
  • Management, Start Up, and Digital Citizenship
  • Picture_4.png Picture_5.png Picture_6.png

(Kim Gill)
  • Favorite Apps and Project Ideas

  • Making lists with "Use Your Handwriting"
  • IMG_0002.PNG IMG_0366.PNG
  • Making comics with "Strip Design" or "Comic Touch"
  • IMG_0015.JPG IMG_0029.JPG
  • Fluency development with "Voice Memos" or other recording app

  • Drawing with "ArtStudio" and "KidArt"
  • IMG_0025.PNG
  • Mindmapping with "Idea Sketch" or "SimpleMind"
  • IMG_0023.JPG
  • Fishing derby: Math and Science with "Flick Fishing"
  • IMG_0377.PNGIMG_0378.PNG IMG_0381.PNGIMG_0132.PNG IMG_0196.PNG IMG_0195.PNG
  • Descriptive Writing with "Make a Martian"
  • IMG_0253.PNG IMG_0256.PNG
  • Problem Solving Solutions and Digital Stories with "Story Kit"
    Sample of Story Kit Features
  • Mobile Readers with "Kobo", "DC Comics"
  • Supported Story Writing with "Story Patch" (Let's make one together on the iPad!)
  • Trip Retelling with "Storyrobe" and "Fotobabble"
  • Story Robe Sampl

(Susan Watt)
  • Collaborative Tools

  • TodaysMeet as backchannel (This is an interesting blog post about use of TodaysMeet in the classroom)
  • Google Tools - Doc, Spreadsheet, Form (see results here), Presentation Google Docs are not fully supported by the version of Safari on iPod and iPads. You can access and edit a spreadsheet (although it's a little awkward), but not a Doc. You can view a Slideshow, but can't edit YET! It's coming soon!
  • Using 'Advanced Search' feature in Google

(Kim Gill)

iPod vs iPad - Student Comparison